About Us

Miss Grays Harbor should be an example of the high standards of young womanhood.  She should see herself not as royalty, but as a public servant and advocate of her chosen platform.  She should be committed to helping others and willing to work hard.  She should be a symbol of excellence and not one who follows peer pressure fads.  She should be of good moral character with a wholesome set of internalized personal values with the courage to stand for her convictions.  Every young woman should be able to look at her as one whom they could pattern their lives after.

Since this is a Scholarship Program and emphasis is placed on education; Miss Grays Harbor should be knowledgeable and intelligent with an ambition and desire to further her education and personal growth.  She should be able to speak intelligently and with ease to others.  Her interests should be broad.  She should be aware of the world around us and should have some knowledge of current events and issues of today.


Miss Grays Harbor should be an ambassador of goodwill, one that is warm and friendly, energetic and possesses a sense of humor.  She should be able to make a good “first impression”.  She should be poised; be able to speak clearly; know the English language and the meaning of the words polite, courtesy and respect.  She should be mature, have determination and a sense of adventure.

Her community service should reflect her personal interest and depth of focus.  She should be sensitive to her environment and caring about the troublesome issues facing the world today, one who works toward possible solutions, who is willing to use her title to make a difference in the world.  She should be a physically attractive woman with a confidant, commanding presence.  A woman with energy, charisma and expression, who takes pride in physical fitness and health.

Cash donations are a major source of scholarship funds for local and state Miss America programs. They take several forms: Direct monetary donations to a specific scholarship or the purchase of advertisements in a local or state pageant program book. A Sponsorship of a contestant for the local pageant or participation through sponsorship of titleholder’s year of service. Donations of products, services, and time are equally valuable to our program. In fact, we fulfill as many needs as possible through in-kind donations from businesses, organizations, and private citizens. Doing so also draws consumers to your business or organization.

Volunteers are our most trusted resource. Whether you have limited time available or are ready to take on a lot of responsibility, we appreciate you and welcome your interest. Your volunteer efforts can make the difference in the lives of young women. Join those who have supported The Miss America Organization and help us enhance every young woman’s ability to dream. If you are interested in becoming a Participant, a Volunteer, or a Sponsor, please contact:

Andra Nielsen & Sue Drolz

Co-Executive Directors

Miss Grays Harbor
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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